1. What Information Is Needed For Spells and Readings

For most workings we only require yours and your targets FULL NAMES, D.O.B , and a picture. If you do not have the targets name then a picture will do, however it may not be as potent. Once order is placed inbox information on the chat.

2. How Long Will It Take To Work?

Every situation is different and takes its on time. For example if you having issues with your partner but are living under the same roof it will work faster then an EX you have been out of contact for two months. To assist you you must affirm, and manifest remaining positive. Displaying negative behaviors towards your target will only go against the work and spirits. Keep me updated in regards to any movements. If you have no movements after 21 days I will boost one time.

3. How Long Does It Take To Do Readings/Spells

1-5 business days in most cases. If your situation is urgent then order emergency option. I will work emergency even on weekends. Once completed I will send you photos, and may even offer you some advice and insight on your situation.

4. What Do You Do When A Candle Is Sent To You

Light candle on a fireproof surface such as tin. Never leave the candle lit unattended. When you go to put it our snuff it out but do not blow it out. When lit manifest while it is burning, speak positive affirmations put all your energy and focus into the work.

5. Why Do I have To Manifest Or Stay Positive If I Hired You

I send the spirts on your behalf, but your energy is needed as well. 1. You should be positive and allow the spirits to work. 2. You should embody and be a representation of the spirts. 3. Thoughts become things, and you must manifest, affirm and believe.